Functional description

The idea of the Power Wave Generation originates from the boiler cleaning requirements in waste to energy plants, coal fired power plants, biomass plants and gas fired power plants.

Effects of the Power Wave Generator in boiler cleaning

Boiler cleaning by power waves achieves its effect by the supersonic exhaust flow of hot combustion gases from the Power Wave Generator into the boiler, thereby creating a powerful pressure wave.

This power wave moves at the speed of sound through the gap between 2 tube bundles. 

At its tip a (overpressure) ball wave is formed, which achieves its cleaning effect when hitting the tube surfaces. 

The pressure wave penetrates the deposits and the fouling which are covering the metal surfaces, is reflected on the steel tube surface and thereby shakes off the dirt and baking slacks.

As a positive side effect, the tubes are stimulated to vibrate and an axially travelling structural wave is induced. 

In addition, the boiler wall in the vicinity of the Power Wave Generator, experiences a strong acceleration due to the impulse force of the device, similar to a wall knocker.

All these effects further enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the power wave.