PulseDetonationEngine PDE

The PDE is a completely new type of propulsion system for aircraft. 

The forerunner was the V1 plane of the German Wehrmacht in World War II. 

Since then, research has been carried out worldwide on the new development of this technology. The advantage over gas turbines is the higher fuel utilization as well as the simple technology similar to a piston engine. 

Thanks to our many years of experience with gas explosions, we are now able to play a pioneering role here as well. 

We have so far filed 2 patents of the PDE for the application. However, this development was interrupted and postponed in favour of the development of the PWG in 2018. 

Some advantages of PDE over conventional aircraft gas turbines: 

  • Pressure gain from explosions by a factor of 4.5 
  • Higher explosion-burning temperature leads to high carnot efficiency 
  • reduced fuel consumption 
  • no rotating components and cost-effective construction