Technical Explanation

The Power Wave Generator (PWG) is mounted on the outside of the boiler wall.

It consists of a pressure casing, which is closed by a piston valve and operated by a pneumatic actuator. This pressure casing is filled with a flammable mixture of propane or natural gas and compressed air and ignited with a glow plug.

Due to this internal combustion, the temperature and pressure in the device increase significantly.  Depending on the boiler size and desired effect, internal pressures of up to 900 bar can be reached.

The pressure in the device is permanently monitored by means of a pressure sensor. When the specified pressure is reached, the patented pneumatic actuator system opens the piston valve at very high speed and opens the outlet section to the boiler.

After the hot combustion gases have exited from the PWG, a free jet expansion takes place in the boiler.  The free jet expansion, accelerates to approximately twice the speed of sound and creates the POWER WAVE, which removes the deposits and the fouling on the heat exchanger tubes of boiler.